MS IT Solutions Professional Support

At MS IT Solutions we strive to complete all support issues professionally and within the lowest possible timeframes. We offer numerous levels of support to suit your specific needs:

  • Custom-Built Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) Whatever the size or complexity of your network, we will provide your business with the perfect SLA to meet your budget and needs.
  • Fast and friendly Telephonic Support Call our support line if you require any assistance. All calls are logged in our ticket system for tracking and escalation purposes.
  • Scheduled Pro-Active Maintenance Preventative Maintenance ensures that your systems are always up to date and running at optimal performance and security.
  • Ad-hoc On-site support Our support teams are always on standby for your everyday support issues. All our SLA clients enjoy a maximum 24hr turnaround time on all support issues.
  • IT Consultancy & Problem Solving MS IT Solutions will provide you with the right solution. We have the expertise to solve any issue in a timely fashion.
  • Hardware & Software Audits Keep track of your hardware and software inventory at all times. Also ensure all your software packages are licensed.
  • Remote Support The advantages of remote support will speed up support as we do not have to travel out to you. No matter where you are situated, remote support is only a few clicks away.

Our Support Structure

All our support tickets are captured into our online Ticket system. Once the ticket has been created the client will receive an email to confirm the ticket creation and the details. If our telephonic support staff cannot assist with the issue, it will be escalated and assigned to a technician.

All tickets are tracked and escalated in the following order:

  • Telephonic Support Desk
  • Support Technicians
  • Support Manager
  • Technical Director

Once a support ticket has been completed, the client will receive an email with the details for solving the issue. SLA Clients will receive an email with an SLA analysis attached so they can keep track of their current SLA usage statistics. Clients are also encouraged to rate each ticket to ensure that we keep our standards high at all times.

Anti Virus - Panda Cloud Protection

PANDA CLOUD PROTECTION, delivers instantaneous protection against known and unknown malware. Panda Cloud Protection leverages Panda Security’s proprietary Collective Intelligence technology, which operates in the cloud harnessing the experience of Panda's user community providing immediate protection against new malware in those first, most damaging hours and minimizing performance hit on local PCs.

Panda Cloud Protection includes the following services:

  • Office Protection A security solution that provides uninterrupted protection for PCs, servers and laptops, managed from anywhere through its intuitive Web console.
    • Maximum protection for PCs, laptops and servers.
    • Easy to install, manage and maintain through its Web Console.
    • Profile and group-based protection organization and management.
  • Email Protection A managed security service that ensures email protection by ridding companies of spam and 100% of malware, blocking non-productive traffic at the network perimeter.
    • Spam filtering and SLA-backed guarantee of 100% virus-free email.
    • Simple email quarantine management.
    • Guaranteed 24x7 availability.
  • Internet Protection A managed security service for internet-bound traffic that ensures the best provisioning of secure and managed access. A rich internet experience while enforcing security and business policies.
    • Reduces risk, lowers cost, improves resource utilization and simplifies IT administration.
    • Global cloud service using a global cloud Infrastructure.
    • Built upon ground-breaking, high-performance technology that eliminates latency.
Expert Data Recovery

With the Technological age that we are in today, all computer users run a daily risk of losing valuable data. This could be due to accidental deletion, accidental formatting of the entire drive, virus attacks, power surges, lightning strikes, sabotage or even physical damage.

We specialize in the recovery of data from ANY and ALL storage devices. This includes: Hard Drives, Memory Sticks, USB External Drives, Laptops, CF Drives, 1.44 Diskettes, Camera’s, i-Pods, CD’s, DVD’s, Tapes and even 1.2 Floppies. We have no limitations when it comes to platforms either, meaning we recover from ALL Platforms, including: Windows, Apple Mac, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Novell and all Raid Levels and Servers. No job is too small, too big, too easy or too challenging for our dedicated team.

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